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myAmerica is an initiative of the U.S. Embassy Brussels that aims to explore the many ways around the world that U.S. and Belgian citizens interconnect. From the arts to technology, sports to education, Belgians and Americans have created a network of ties that enlighten, teach, enliven, and change the world in positive ways. myAmerica.be aims to illuminate these efforts through creative interviews, articles, and direct conversation with our users.


A large portion of the content on myAmerica is about the United States. Via text, images and video we want to show aspects of the USA, its culture and its institutions. Another important part of the web site demonstrates how Belgians and Americans are working together in creative ways, both in Belgium and in the United States. Finally, educational exchange is a third major component of this web site. Via descriptive texts and links to specialized web sites we want to showcase opportunities for young people who are interested in traveling to the United States and participating in an exchange program.

One quick note: if you're looking for consular information, or information about U.S. foreign policy, please use our official homepages:

http://belgium.usembassy.gov : the official US embassy web site
http://uspolicy.belgium.usembassy.gov : for policy information
http://www.state.gov : the official website of the U.S. Department of State.

Here at myAmerica.be, we're staying focused on what some would call the “soft” side of the relationship - all those non-foreign policy areas where Belgian and U.S. citizens connect.

At myAmerica.be we are very interested in your views on the web site. Please send your feedback and suggestions to feedback@myAmerica.be.

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